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Finishing Touches


It's all in the detail

The smallest detail can sometimes have the greatest impact.

It doesn't have to be much but those little extra finishing touches can make all the difference and elevate your setting into something magical and beautiful.


At Little Vintage Teacup we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and of course we are all about those little finishing touches so we offer a few little optional extras for your special occasion.


Our incredibly cute Teapot Favours can be personalised with a pretty little floral sticker or white label tied with ribbon, our Linen Napkins can be folded into gorgeous Roses for Teacups or personalised for place settings and "Time for Tea", "Name" or "Personal message" labels for Teacups & Cutlery.


For further information please get in touch to add your "Finishing Touch".


Personalised Teapot Favours


Napkin Teacup Rose


Labelled Napkin Rose


Teacup Labels

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